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ONLINE EXHIBITION Test New Immersive Experience
La moisson du temps by Clément Borderie
Les songes de la terre by David Daoud
Kaleidoscope by Jorge Santana
Jigokuraku by Naoko Majima
ABOUT MUSE SQUARE Muse Square strives to developing art projects that connect with people’s most treasured thoughts and feelings, where art belongs.

For that purpose, we work with a limited number of artists that we truly believe in. They have in common a clear visual identity, a strong personal technique and are sensitive to the idea of Beauty.

Our first opus —The Link Collection— is our take on “Relational Art”. It will soon be released.
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ART VIEWER Your Online Simulator

Discover the Art Viewer, where you can see your favorite artworks in different apartment settings.You will have the opportunity to see the artworks of your choice in your own setting or your preferred interior style.
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ART ANGEL INITIATIVE Support artists’ work Welcome to the Art Angel Initiative, where you become the producer and facilitator of an art project of your liking. You will witness how artistic decisions are made, tested and, at the end, transformed into the tangible work of art that you will own.

MADE IN FRANCE Learn about our craftsmen’s history with art All of our art editions are made in France, within Paris-based workshops that have a long history collaborating with artists. Throughout the years, they became undisputed leaders in their field of excellence, including intaglio, mixed-media, serigraphy, Giclée and much more.