Find new ways to run your gallery

- 01/27/2023

Being an art gallery owner is an exciting yet challenging journey! 

As an art gallerist, you want to showcase your gallery’s unique art identity by displaying the most inspiring selection of artwork by the best artists within your niche. To reach your professional zenith, you are relentlessly working on your gallery’s competitiveness.  However, managing your gallery on your own presents numerous challenges such as high costs, high risk and low flexibility.  

An alternative rewarding way of doing business, is to work collaboratively with other galleries on exhibition projects. By collaborating with your gallery peers, you can share your workload risks and boost your revenues.  

To enable galleries mutual success, Muse Square launched a disruptive art marketplace “the Muse Square Fellowship” to facilitate art galleries’ cooperation, through a range of flexible on demand services. 



How can the Muse Square fellowship empower art galleries’ success? 

The Fellowship platform offers flexible cooperative solutions to allow galleries to leverage their full business potential, while reducing their risks. Some of the fellowship’s proposed online solutions include: 

WALL SWAP: an unconventional solution offering art galleries the chance to exchange exhibition walls with other established gallery peers. This solution is appealing to those who would like collaborate with new galleries at a lower cost, and for a substantial period of time. If you are looking to widen your market reach at minimal cost, the Wall Swap is your go-to solution.  

CALL FOR PROJECT:  a smart solution to lease your gallery walls for specific exhibition projects. You can choose this services whenever you want to host an art show featuring gallery peers to boost your traffic. This solution is the ideal option to generate additional revenue while ongoing your regular activity. For instance, you can agree on a certain split of your space with your peer gallery. This will give you the chance to share your expenses propositionally and benefit from your peer’s network and reach.   



Through the innovative solutions proposed by the Muse Square fellowship, you can be a host and a fellow at the same time. The advantages for both are numerous: 

With Muse Square, you no longer need to work in isolation, you can explore new collaborative avenues through the fellowship services, to enhance your gallery’s exposure and drive-in more traffic.