How Muse Square works

- 12/12/2022

Muse Square Fellowship is the most agile & cost-effective way to set up art exhibitions in new locations.

Imagine you are a Paris-based gallery specializing in prize-winning emerging artists. From experience, you know that the market of art collectors flock to another location, Biarritz, during the summer and you would like to promote your artists there.   

Instead of renting a full shop in Biarritz, monitoring client relationships, travelling back-and-forth, and executing the logistics of the exhibitions, Muse Square enables you to partner with Biarritz-based partner galleries. You can also tap Muse Square’s network of content creators and influencers to promote your exhibitions. This partnership will significantly improve your efficiency and allow you to control your costs while keeping your Paris business running. Muse Square expands your gallery’s presence for a much leaner investment and can provide greater exposure for your artists. 


By joining the Muse Square fellowship community, you get the opportunity to create additional revenue by hosting visiting galleries as needed.

Through Muse Square’s extensive network, you can replicate this strategy across multiple locations, through any season ensuring that you have a steady revenue stream. It is collaborative and fully-tailored to your budget and exhibition needs.


Set up your exhibition in a new location

1. Browse the galleries of your target location based on the surface and the equipment that you need.

2. Review the terms and services of their proposed art fellowship, the position, time availability and specifications of the walls that are available.


Your wall set-up can be:













3. Book your exhibition space once you have secured your specifications and plan for promotion.