Advantages of Muse Square Fellowship

- 02/21/2022


The Muse Square Fellowship allows you to expand your presence in peer galleries’ spaces and to work in a more open and collaborative way. 

Discover some of the projects that you can carry out with Muse Square:


1. Exhibit abroad at little to no cost!

With the fellowship, you can exhibit in new gallery locations in two ways:

o Leasing walls:

This is an efficient way of tapping into your preferred market and location without the burden of logistics. You can specify the scope of your requirement and outsource that work to your fellow gallery.

Select your wall set-up (single wall, twin walls, corner, etc.), define your schedule, your on-demand services (directional lights, monitors, etc.) and you’re good to go!

o Swapping walls:

This is a truly collaborative partnership where you and a fellow gallery can mutually agree to provide space and services to each other. Through this exchange, you mutually benefit from each other’s clientele and expertise in your locations, expand your reach and diversify your offering to your existing customers.

Select a gallery within your art niche, select your desired walls, submit your swap request and wait for your partnering gallery’s answer.


Art Fellowship Exchange

To help you carry identify available partners, we have created a newsletter dedicated to matching galleries’ projects.

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2. Diversify your sources of income by hosting other galleries!

The Muse Square Fellowship gives you the opportunity to list specific walls of your gallery instead of renting out your entire space.

This gives you more flexibility to decide what share of fixed revenues you want within your portfolio of revenue streams, while keeping your existing business active.

Depending on your exhibitions schedule or your anticipated sales, you can control the number and size of the walls made available for short-term leases.

In addition, you can decide what add-on services you wish to propose and capitalize on, based on your workload.


3. Turn your gallery into an art hub!

Are you more of an art dealer or an art discoverer? Become the gallery you want to be! The Muse Square Art Fellowship can help you pursue which path you are strongest at.

Start by defining your priorities and the risk profile of your project.

Selling art can be risky. It requires a delicate balance of your aspirations as an art dealer and the whims of your market and what they are most likely to buy.

Aggressive risk profiles are better-suited to the traditional strategy of exclusively using their space for their own artists.

More and more, galleries are understanding that there are more stable and sustainable means of maintaining a thriving business. If this strategy speaks to you, then carefully consider the minimum amount of space that you will require to promote your own artists. The remaining space available can be used differently, providing a more stable source of revenue that is still consistent with your brand identity.

Turn your gallery into an art hub by allocating walls long-term to the Muse Square Art Fellowship.


Here are 2 projects that the Muse Square Fellowship can help you with:

Curate art galleries

Many emerging galleries would be interested in working with you to promote artists in your local market. By hosting these emerging fellow galleries you can:

o Expand your offering for your collector client base by continuing to curate new artists. 

o Manage your revenue stream since the fellow gallery takes on the financial risk of mounting the exhibition.



Specialize in joint exhibitions

The Muse Square Art Fellowship provides different opportunities for galleries to work together to put up exhibitions, explore new markets and lift each other up.

Established galleries can spotlight promising galleries and diversify their offerings to their existing client base.

Joint exhibitions are a great strategy to mutualize risks and capitalize on each other’s strengths.


By planning throughout the year when best to either curate or host joint exhibitions, you’ll be able to anticipate when you can share risks or seize opportunities exclusively.

Fellowship proposals are sent via our Newsletter every month. To sign your gallery up for our Newsletter, answer a 2-minute questionnaire to help us learn about your project and its needs.