Muse Square Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

- 12/21/2021

What is Muse Square Fellowship?

Muse Square Fellowship is a virtual community of peers that allows art galleries to expand their presence in each other’s spaces and to work in an open and collaborative way. It is the most agile & cost-effective way to set up art exhibitions. 

As a member of the Muse Square Fellowship, our peer-to-peer wall listing program, you can become a visiting fellow in a foreign gallery, or host a fellow gallery in yours.


What can a gallery do with Muse Square Fellowship?

A gallery can do three things with the fellowship:

o rent a fellow gallery wall

o lease your own gallery wall

o swap walls with other galleries


Who can join the Muse Square Fellowship?

Any art gallery that meets the Muse Square Fellowship criteria can sign up to be a member. Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you within 48 hours to let you know of the status.


How can I join the Muse Square fellowship?

The first step to join the fellowship is to fill up the sign up form ( After that, Muse Square will get back to you on the status of your application within 48 hours.


Is there a fee to join?

Signing up to the fellowship is free. Fees are only applicable once you rent or swap gallery walls through the fellowship


Where do I find the available gallery walls for rent?

The gallery walls available for rent can be viewed here: (link to fellowship page)

As a member of the Muse Square fellowship, you will have access to the site and you can browse fellow gallery walls that can be rented.


How does the Muse Square fellowship work? How do I start renting?

a. Browse the galleries of your target location based on the surface and equipment you need.

b. Review the terms and services of host gallery, the position, time availability and specifications of the walls that are available.

c. Submit your booking request on the Muse Square website and wait for confirmation from the host gallery


Can I negotiate price of gallery walls I want to rent?

Please send an email to for any questions or concerns about pricing.


How do I change a photo in the fellowship profile page?

Kindly contact us if you would like to edit/modify any details in the fellowship profile page. You may send an email to


How do I take photos of my gallery?

You may refer to this list of guidelines in taking photos of your gallery: (link to the guidelines)


Who can see my gallery information?

Only galleries who are members of the fellowship can see your gallery information. Direct contact details to the host gallery will be available once the booking is confirmed.


How can I cancel a wall booking I made?

Kindly contact us if you would like to edit/modify any details in a submitted request. Please send an email to


How do I unsubscribe/exit the fellowship?

If you would like to exit as a member of the fellowship, kindly send an email to stating your reason to unsubscribe and we will get back to you shortly


What are the accepted method and terms of payment in renting a gallery wall?

Payment method accepted is through bank transfer.


How do I track the status of my request to rent a wall?

Regular notifications will be sent to you to help you monitor the status of your booking request