Muse Square fellowship frequently asked questions

- 12/12/2022

What is Muse Square Fellowship?

Muse Square Fellowship is a virtual community of peers that allows art galleries to expand their presence in each other’s spaces and to work in an open and collaborative way. It is the most agile & cost-effective way to set up art exhibitions.

As a member of the Muse Square Fellowship, you can become a visiting fellow in a foreign gallery or host a fellow gallery in yours.


What can a gallery do with Muse Square Fellowship?

Muse Square fellowship offers a variety of collaborative services to help galleries succeed. Our services includes:

• WALL LEASE Propose criteria-free booking option

• WALL SWAP Exchange exhibition walls with other established gallery peers

• CALL FOR PROJECT Lease your walls for specific exhibition projects


Who can join the Muse Square Fellowship?

Any art gallery that is affiliated with an art association can sign up to become a member of the Muse Square community. Once you have submitted your application, our concierge will contact you within 48 hours to validate your registration.


How can I join the Muse Square fellowship?

The first step to joining the fellowship is to fill up the Quick Sign Up Form. The form will be validated by a concierge who will contact you to confirm your registration within 48 hours.


Is there a fee to join?

Signing up for the fellowship is completely free. No engagement is required.


Where do I find the list of available galleries to collaborate with?

You can browse the galleries by destination, specialty, and fellowship offers.


How does the Muse Square fellowship work? How do I start renting?

a. Browse the galleries based on your target location, surface, and needed equipment.

b. Review the terms and services of the hosting gallery, the time availability, and specifications of the services offered by the galleries.

c. Submit your booking request on the Muse Square website and wait for the host gallery’s confirmation.


How do I change a photo in the fellowship profile page?

To change the photos on your profile page, go to “My account” by clicking on your name in the upper menu bar. Then, on the left-hand-side menu, click on “My gallery”. The field to upload new gallery photos is located at the end of your gallery’s description fields.


How do I unsubscribe/exit the fellowship?

If you would like to exit as a member of the fellowship, kindly send an email to


What are the accepted method and terms of payment?

We only accept credit card payments through our 100% secure payment gateway.

We offer flexible payment options: you can settle your payment in installments through a customized installment plan.


Once I have agreed to a booking request of my gallery wall, when will I receive the payment?

Once the booking is made, the payment is transferred to the host within 24 hours. For long-term bookings of more than a month, the payout is made on a monthly basis.