How to prepare your gallery for a photo shoot

- 12/02/2021

Here is your guide on how to document your gallery visually. Please follow our tips and checklist of things to do:


1. Prep your gallery space

a. Art Fellowship walls

o Remove hanged artworks if possible

o Fix scratches

o Clean surfaces


b. Exhibition rooms

o Open all the curtains and blinds

o For rooms with windows, turn off the lights when photographing

o For rooms without windows, feel free to turn on lights to make the space feel cozy.

o Hide cords in each room

o Sweep or vacuum the floors

o Dust surroundings

o Empty trash cans

o Remove any valuables you don’t want photographed


c. Storage space

o Arrange artworks & objects

o Clean surfaces

o Empty trash


d. Exterior

o When possible, remove cars from the driveway

o Hide unwanted objects

o Neatly arrange any decorations near the front door

o Tend to any gardening needs, like dead plants, brown spots on the grass, or bushes that    need pruning

o If you have accessible amenities like a ramp, please put them in place


2. Prep your smartphone

Most smartphones can take great photos. Here are some helpful features and how to adjust them.


a. Turn on grids, to better position your image and make sure that it’s straight:

For iPhone: Go to Settings > Camera and from there you can toggle your phone’s grid to On


For Android: Launch the camera app, go to Settings, scroll down, and switch the Grid lines option to On


b. Turn off flash, to avoid a harsh bright look. If your space has windows, you’ll want to photograph it during the brightest time of day. If the space doesn’t have windows, turning on your gallery light should do the job.

To turn off the flash, open your Camera app, then find the lightning bolt icon and select Off


c. Turn on autofocus, so that you don’t have to adjust this manually. Don’t take photos with one hand.

To turn on the autofocus, open your Camera app, then press for a few seconds until a yellow square (for iPhone) or circle (for Android) appear.


d. Check that the image resolution is of at least 1024 pixels x 683 pixels.

o Your phone’s storage settings may be optimized to only store low-resolution images, so check that you’re saving high-resolution images for your photo shoot. You can always go back and switch this once you’ve taken your photos.


3. Plan your photo shooting

List your top priorities:

o The art fellowship walls

o The main exhibition space

o Key points of interest such as the door entry, windows/natural light, architectural features that

   will make your gallery stand out


Shot list to customize based on your situation:

a. Art Fellowship walls

o Wide photo of the wall set-up

o 45° angle photo n°1

o 45° angle photo n°2


b. Exhibition rooms

o Wide photos of each exhibition room

o Alternate angle of rooms for more context

o Close-up photo showcasing special space features


c. Storage space

o Wide photo of the whole storage space

o Mid-range images of storage shelves and racks

o Close-up photo artworks stored


d. Exterior

o Wide photo of the gallery entry

o Mid-range image including any outdoor sitting areas (and potentially their view)

o Close-up photo of any thoughtfully styled decor, like potted plants

o The path to your entryway


You know your space better than anyone, so make sure to photograph all your favorite aspects and anything that fellow galleries may appreciate. Before you wrap up your photo shoot, take a few minutes to scan through all the images you captured to make sure you’ve addressed everything on your list.