Depending on your needs, you can lease your gallery walls or book
your peers’ walls according to 4 options:

WALL LEASE Propose criteria-free booking option

CONTEXT: When you want to lease your gallery wall(s) to your peers to gain new income

WALL SWAP Exchange exhibition walls with other established gallery peers

CONTEXT: When you want to collaborate with new galleries, when you want exhibit abroad at
a lower cost, and for a long period of time

CO-HOST EXHIBITION Easily host art shows with neighboring galleries

CONTEXT: When two or more galleries are located within a walking distance, when you
belong to the same art association

CALL FOR PROJECT Lease your walls for specific exhibition projects

CONTEXT: When you want to eventify your gallery, host an art show featuring gallery peers,
share spending with your peers

THE SERVICE FEE is a 7.5% flat fee across all options.
For example, if you rent a wall at 1,000 € per month, you will be charged 75 €.

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