About Us


Since an early stage, Muse Square has been incubating the idea of an art fellowship. Our close interaction with European galleries has been the source of inspiration for the development of Muse Square Fellowship.

Muse Square Fellowship is a collaborative marketplace. It helps art galleries exchange exhibition service to access new markets, grow their client base and reduce their financial risks.

Leverage MUSE SQUARE FELLOWSHIP in two ways:


  • Co-host events to share projects with gallery peers.
  • Lease your exhibition walls to gain new income streams.
  • Eventify your gallery to drive more traffic to your gallery.


  • Exhibit in prime locations at a reasonable cost.
  • Expand your reach while minimizing your risks.
  • Benefit from your peers knowledge of their local markets.
Julen de AjuriaguerraFounder of Muse Square

Since its inception, Muse Square is on a mission to help art galleries keep
their business – and dream – afloat

The idea of Muse Square Fellowship came to me during the Covid 19 pandemic.
While interviewing EU gallery owners and managers, I noticed that their exhibition
spaces had a dual nature: when operations ran smoothly, it provided unique exhibition
opportunities, otherwise, it quickly became a liability

To overcome that challenge, our solution was developed based on three powerfull levers:
collaboration, mobility, and agility. The fellowship platform offers art galleries the chance
to conduct their business without bearing all the risks, to expand beyond their native
markets, and to share their work overhead.

Art galleries no longer have to work in isolation. They can explore new collaborative
avenues through Muse Square Fellowship services, to enhance their exposure and drive
more traffic to their galleries.