3 EDITIONS 3 ways to art To satiate your craving appetite for art, Muse Square is building a unique collection of artworks, where each piece is made available in at least different editions: Pop, Classic and/or Collector.

Each Edition is a unique blend of craftsmanship, format and number of prints.

The equilibrium found between such criteria intends to help you find the artwork that is better suited for you, weather it is to discover an artist at an affordable price, to augment your collection, to design your house, expose your children to art or to make a gift to a dear friend.
POP edition
CLASSIC edition
Printed in Digigraphie©, Pop Editions are our most affordable, signed, limited edition.

It is a good way to start collecting, to make a gift, or to give a creative boost to a new room of the house.

Welcome to the Art Angel Initiative, where you become the producer and facilitator of an art project of your liking. You will witness how artistic decisions are made, tested and, in the end, transformed into the tangible work of art that you will own.

Art Angel Initiatives focus on the making of limited editions only, in partnership with historical Paris-based master craftsmen in lithography, serigraphy and engraving.

Such technics are of prime importance as they allow artists to expand their visual vocabulary to new creative territories. They were developed during centuries and leveraged by famous painters such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Warhol and many others today.

Your involvement in the Art Angel Initiative will allow you to address some of the artist’s technical needs and give you, Art Angel, the chance to privately witness his creative endeavour until your limited edition is completed.


How does the Art Angel Initiative work?

Step 1. You select an Art Angel Initiative and order the artwork at its project stage, based on the information provided by the artist

Step 2. We schedule the edition of the artwork with the artist and the master craftsmen and open a private Facebook page where the artist will share his work in progress through text, image and video sharing

Step 3. The artwork’s edition goes through two stages:
– Preliminary discussion between the artist and the craftsman: You will be looped in the choice of the pigments, the layering of the print, the selection of the paper, the treatment of special items of interest within the artwork. All of the thought process that goes into the making of the artwork will be made available to you privately!!! You will only have to agree to keep all information secret until the public release of the artwork.

– Printing: At this stage, the artist and the master craftsman will be printing and discussing the results that are achieved and that you will follow until completion

If you’re available on the release day, the artist you will welcome you at the workshop, to witness the printing of the final artwork.

As an Art Angel, you will be able to choose the number of your edition. It will be signed and dedicated by the artist before it is shipped to your preferred destination.

For more information about the Art Angel Initiative, please check our FAQ: www.musesquare.com/media/art-angel-initiative

MADE IN FRANCE Learn about our craftsmen’s history All of our art editions are made in France, within Paris-based workshops that have a long history collaborating with artists. Throughout the years, they became undisputed leaders in their field of excellence, including intaglio, mixed-media, serigraphy, Giclée and much more.