GIFT AND GROUP GIFTS Depending on the Art edition of your choosing, your artwork is delivered in a yellow, a red or a blue box, with the exception of artworks that are beyond 80×60 cm, that need special reinforcement. During checkout, you can choose to make a personal or a group gift. Both include a card with a personalized message and a priceless invoice. If you wish to purchase an artwork with friends or relatives, select the Group Gift option. As the Gifting organizer, you will be prompted to invite people to contribute to the purchase. Their contribution will provision the account until the targeted amount is reached. Just copy-past their emails in the corresponding field and follow the simple step-by-step process. Customers can exchange a gift. For more details about gifts, please read the FAQ below or contact Customer Care
What is a gift? Technically, an order will be considered a “gift” if the civil status, last name or first name of the invoicing information is different from that of the delivery information. In this specific case, an invoice where the price is left in blank will be included in the package that is sent to the gift recipient. To request an invoice where the price is shown, even if your invoicing information is identical to your delivery information, please email Customer Service as soon as possible after placing your order.
If I give a gift to someone, can that person exchange it for something else? Only an exchange for a product of an equivalent or superior value is possible (the difference in price must be paid by you or the gift recipient). The gift recipient should contact our Customer Service department by telephone at input number from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.ET, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET, or by email under the “Contact us” section. He/she will then be emailed a pre-paid return label.


Would you like to learn more about an artwork or an artist?
We invite you to schedule a call with us on the calendar by clicking on the “Book” button below. We will get back you via email to confirm the date and time or to propose alternative options. Thank you for your interest.


  : 16, rue Martel – 75010 Paris – France

  : + 33 (0)6 10 14 00 29


Our customer success team is available around the clock to answer all your queries.


Before you schedule a call with your Concierge to create your fellowship, please gather the following information:

– Make ID photos of your walls: one by one, with your smartphone parallel to the wall and leaving some floor space visible

– Make beauty shots of your gallery: show your space at its best, highlighting its signature features

– Prepare your gallery plans

Further guidance is available here:

Based on that information, your concierge will ask you a few questions over the phone to complete your profile creation. You will be able to validate the end-result before it’s published.

Thank you for your interest.

With kind regards,

The Muse Square team

    FAQs center

    What do I need for optimum browsing when visiting

    To make your experience at as pleasant as possible, we recommend using the latest generation of your browser. If you access our website using an older version, we cannot guarantee that all of its features will function properly. Please note that your browser must accept cookies and be SSL compatible with standard browsing mode enabled. does not support private browsing mode at this time.

    How accurate is colour display on the Internet?

    Each product is photographed with precise attention to detail, and the colours shown should accurately depict each product. However, it is possible that colours may vary slightly from one screen to another due to monitor display settings.

    What is the availability status of items on site?

    All items for sale on the e-boutique are available. If you wish to order a significant number of a particular item, please contact our Customer Service department by telephone or email.

    Is my payment secure?

    All the transactions made on the website are secure. The padlock symbol next to the address bar of the page beginning with “https” indicates that you are in a secure setting. However, you should never consider the transmission of data by Internet to be 100% secure. Any information that you make available online can potentially be recuperated and used by third parties.

    Can I place an order using a bank card that is not my own?

    Yes, in this case please indicate the billing address associated with the card.

    When will my credit card be debited?

    Cards and other payment methods are not debited until an order has been accepted and sent. However, it is possible that your credit card or other payment method may indicate a reserve amount as soon as the order is placed.

    What is the security code on my payment card?
    A unique code made up of 3 or 4 digits secures remote sale transactions.
    This code can be found:

    • on the back of your credit card in the signature field. It is made up of 3 digits (Visa or MasterCard, for example).
    • or on front, above your card number. It is made up of 4 digits (American Express, for example).

    I can’t find my order?

    You can check the status of your order and track its delivery at any time. Enter the Order Number that you received via email in the Follow your Order page.

    What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?
    If your order has not been delivered within the estimated period, we suggest that you:

    • Check the order status: in the My Orders section for registered users; or by entering the Order Number from the confirmation email in the Track your Order page
    • Check that the address indicated for the delivery is correct
    • In the case of a missed delivery please contact UPS (input phone number)
    • For further assistance, contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

    Where do you ship my order from?

    Mostly from France, in the Paris region, where we work from. Unless the artwork is shipped by the artist himself. In this invent, he/she will prepare your order according to professional standards and ship it to you.

    Can I choose a delivery date/time?

    Unfortunately, we can’t monitor alternative dates and times of delivery on your behalf. But you can monitor your UPS delivery within your tracking interface. It is available in your private account. To access it, please log in or click on your name within the menubar.

    What is Muse Square Fellowship?

    Muse Square Fellowship is a virtual community of peers that allows art galleries to expand their presence in each other’s spaces and to work in an open and collaborative way. It is the most agile & cost-effective way to set up art exhibitions.

    As a member of the Muse Square Fellowship, our peer-to-peer wall listing program, you can become a visiting fellow in a foreign gallery, or host a fellow gallery in yours.

    What can a gallery do with Muse Square Fellowship?

    A gallery can do three things with the fellowship:

    o rent a fellow gallery wall

    o lease your own gallery wall

    o swap walls with other galleries

    Who can join the Muse Square Fellowship?

    Any art gallery that meets the Muse Square Fellowship criteria can sign up to be a member. Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you within 48 hours to let you know of the status.

    How can I join the Muse Square fellowship?

    The first step to join the fellowship is to fill up the sign up form ( After that, Muse Square will get back to you on the status of your application within 48 hours.

    Is there a fee to join?

    Signing up to the fellowship is free. Fees are only applicable once you rent or swap gallery walls through the fellowship

    Where do I find the available gallery walls for rent?

    The gallery walls available for rent can be viewed here: (link to fellowship page)

    As a member of the Muse Square fellowship, you will have access to the site and you can browse fellow gallery walls that can be rented.

    How does the Muse Square fellowship work? How do I start renting?

    a. Browse the galleries of your target location based on the surface and equipment you need.

    b. Review the terms and services of host gallery, the position, time availability and specifications of the walls that are available.

    c. Submit your booking request on the Muse Square website and wait for confirmation from the host gallery

    Can I negotiate price of gallery walls I want to rent?

    Please send an email to for any questions or concerns about pricing.

    How do I change a photo in the fellowship profile page?

    Kindly contact us if you would like to edit/modify any details in the fellowship profile page. You may send an email to

    How do I take photos of my gallery?

    You may refer to this list of guidelines in taking photos of your gallery: (link to the guidelines)

    Who can see my gallery information?

    Only galleries who are members of the fellowship can see your gallery information. Direct contact details to the host gallery will be available once the booking is confirmed.

    How can I cancel a wall booking I made?

    Kindly contact us if you would like to edit/modify any details in a submitted request. Please send an email to

    How do I unsubscribe/exit the fellowship?

    If you would like to exit as a member of the fellowship, kindly send an email to stating your reason to unsubscribe and we will get back to you shortly

    What are the accepted method and terms of payment in renting a gallery wall?

    Payment method accepted is through bank transfer.

    Once I have agreed to a booking request of my gallery wall, when will I receive the payment?

    Payment is sent to host 24 hours after guest gallery check-in. For long-term bookings of more than a month, payout is monthly.

    How do I track the status of my request to rent a wall?

    Regular notifications will be sent to you to help you monitor the status of your booking request