Rebecca Topakian

Rebecca Topakian graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles in 2015. She likes to toy with this medium, to tinker with cameras or development processes, thus exploring the limits of photography and images. She has participated in many exhibitions in France and abroad. She published her first book, Infra-,in 2017. It was shortlisted for the author book prize of les Rencontres d'Arles.

With a background in philosophy and geography, she questions notions of identity in her work. By exploring the in-betweens, the mythologies and fictions of identity, she consistently attempts to shed light on the crucial role it plays in our time. She explores these ideas in different intersections and through different points of view: those of interpersonal relations; how personal identity relates to group identity, how it relates to family and national histories, or their absence. For Rebecca Topakian, identity is not an abstract notion; it is embodied and finds its translations in her photographs as they focus increasingly on bodies, gestures, sensuality and desire. The other in the portrait, as well as earth in the landscape, are variations of a same sensual relation to the world.



2018. : Dame Gulizar and other stories, AGBU, Yerevan, ARM
2018. Infra-, Caravanserail, London, UK
2017. Infra-, la Galerie du Rayon Vert, Quinzaine de la Photographie Nantaise, Nantes, FR
2017. Les fidèles,Espace T2, curated by BLBC, Paris, FR
2016. Infra-, curated by Anne Immelé, Centre Culturel Français de Freibourg, Freibourg, Germany
2015. The Situation, Université d’Aix-Marseille



2019. The Center Is Not Holding, curated by Perwana Nazif, Real Pain Fine Arts, Los Angeles
2019. Clôture, Galerie Arondit, Paris
2019. Bad Girls Do It Well, La Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
2019. À première vue, Galerie Maupetit, Marseille
2019. Bibelots et villebrequins, La confrèrire, Paris
2018. Dreaming Alive, Focus: Armenia, Vienna Contemporary, Autriche
2018. BIT20 - Biennale de l'Image, Tangible, galerie AAB

  • Rebecca Topakian — Dame Gulizar and Other Love Stories 05
  • Rebecca Topakian — Dame Gulizar and Other Love Stories 04
  • Rebecca Topakian — Dame Gulizar and Other Love Stories 03
  • Rebecca Topakian — Dame Gulizar and Other Love Stories 02
  • Rebecca Topakian — Dame Gulizar and Other Love Stories 01