Pablo Reinoso


While sculptures are supposed to be permanent, passive objects, my goal as an artist is to create pieces that breathe, rebel against form and regain agency. While wood and metal are supposed to be heavy and grounded, I struggle to turn them into wispy gossamers that appear to fly up into the wind.  

As my sculptures become monumental and involve a real team effort, I believe that my drawings will give an overview of a more intimate side of my work, carried out at night when the city is asleep and my day projects are over. 

Looking back, I have to say that “wood is my first love. Oftentimes, the artisan attempts to bend the wood to his bidding, making something very structured and, in the case of carpentry, functional. However, in my works (which ironically require a copious amount of skill and control) I return the wood to its vegetal state - seemingly expressing through its supple twists and curves the primal path and desires that it would have otherwise explored if not for man’s intervention.  

The extravagance of spirals and twists in my sculptures has led some critics to describe my art as “baroque,” but in truth, I always create my pieces with minimalism in mind. Though winding, the lines are always clean and distinct, and monochromatic tones have permeated my collections across the years.  

To do this day, I continue to explore new materials and methods, plumbing the possibilities of the physical in order to express the intangible, such as time, breath and fragility of life.  

In this journey, I leveraged what surrounds me: from existing functional objects (such as industrial tools and the pre-made “Thonet” chair) to unconventional materials such as parachute silk and construction-grade H-beams. All the while, I play with air, reflections and shadows which add more visual and temporal dimensions as well as exploring and overrunning the traditional boundaries of the exhibit space.  


List of Exhibitions Reynoso

2019 Busan Infinity Line, Busan, Corée du Sud
The Ark, Lincoln Square, Lodha Developers UK Carrey Street, Londres, UK
2018 Pause Lapin, œuvre en collaboration avec Florence de Ponthaud, accueil du Musée de
Cluny, Paris, France (1% artistique)
2017 Lignes de Vie, Maternité de la Clinique Rhéna, Strasbourg, France Entre(s)actos, Centro
Cultural Kirchner (CCK), Buenos Aires, Argentina
2016 Racines de France, Palais de l’Elysée, France Banc-Serpentin, Ambassade de France à Buenos
Aires, Argentina Only Childrens Bench et We Watch You Too Bench, Riverwalk, Londres, UK
2015 Rencontre Alsacienne, Ecole Alsacienne, Paris, France
Fourvière Hôtel, Lyon, France
Banc d’amarrage et Twin Bench, Polygonne Riviera, Cagnes-sur-me
2014 Fauteuils Croco de Ville, Ville de Bordeaux, France
2013 Nouages au Quai Gillet, Lyon, France
2012 Château de Chaumont, Chaumont-sur-Loire, France
2011 Hôtel du Marc, Reims, France
2010 Gloriette, Beyrouth, Liban

Public Art Collections

Musée d’Art Moderne de Buenos Aires, Argentine
Société des Amis du MNAM Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris, France
Fondation Daniel et Florence Guerlain, Les Mesnuls, France
Musée d’Art Moderne, Sao Paulo, Brésil
Musée d’Art Moderne de Bahia, Salvador da Bahia, Brésil
MACRO, Rosario, Argentine
MUSAC, Castilla y Leon, Espagne
Malba, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Parc de sculptures, El Descanso, Tigre, Argentine
Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France
Fondation Clément, Martinique, France
Musée de Cluny, Paris, France

Solo Exhibits

2018 Solo Show, ArteBa, Xippas Galeries, Buenos Aires, Argentine
2015 Un monde renversé, commissaire Jérôme Sans, Maison de l’Amérique latine, Paris, France
2014 Solo Show Pablo Reinoso, Artist and Designer, Galerie miniMASTERPIECE, Design Basel, Bâle, Suisse
Tableaux d’une exposition, Xippas Art Contemporain Genève, Suisse
2013 Living sculptures, One Central Macau, Chine Galeria Baro, Sao Paulo, Brésil
Xippas Arte Contemporaneo, Punta del Este, Uruguay
Art Plural Gallery, Singapour, Chine
2012 Galerie Xippas, Punta del Este, Uruguay
Pablo Reinoso : A Solo Exhibition Art Plural Gallery, Singapour
Maison Particulière, Bruxelles, Belgique
Fundación YPF, Arte en la Torre, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Galeria Baró, Sao Paulo, Brésil
2009 Musée d’Arte Latinoamericano, MALBA, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Installation Bamboo Light System, School Gallery, Paris, France

  • Pablo Reinoso — Yellow Enredaderas
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  • Pablo Reinoso — Blue Enredaderas
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  • Pablo Reinoso — Blue Waves
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  • Pablo Reinoso — Ladder
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  • Pablo Reinoso — Link
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  • Pablo Reinoso — Link 2
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