Olga Kravets

A journalist by education, I initially picked up photography in search of means of expression alternative to words, as freedom of media in Russia where I grew up is pretty much non existent. Then filmmaking came naturally after that, a love from the first sight. I decided not to choose between the three mediums and combine them all for the benefit of the story, be it a week-long reportage or a long-term project.

I am fluent in English, Russian and French, have a working knowledge of Serbo-Croatian and Ukrainian and equally love working in countries where I do not speak the language.


2018 Grozny: Nine Cities, Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, France
2015 Grozny: Nine Cities, Visual Culture Research Center, Kiev, Ukraine
2014 Grozny: Nine Cities, Le Radar, Bayeux, France
2014 Grozny: Nine Cities, National Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2013 Grozny: Nine Cities, STATION-Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2012 Grozny: Nine Cities, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona, Spain

  • Olga Kravets — Grozny: Nine Cities 03
  • Olga Kravets — Grozny: Nine Cities 02
  • Olga Kravets — Grozny: Nine Cities 01
  • Olga Kravets — Grozny: Nine Cities 04
  • Olga Kravets — Grozny: Nine Cities 05