Morvarid K


What matters in my work is the world of the invisible: traces of events that we did or didn’t witness personally, memories, undistinguishable images that mirror our thoughts. Three of my latest projects explain what I’m trying to achieve.

In “Once Upon a Time”, 2017, I fully covered a series of photographs with the ink of ballpoint pens, making thousands of lines, dissimulating the images under 102 km of ink. In the end, the viewer is left with ghost presences and is encouraged to reconstruct the hidden scenes with his own imagination. The layers of ink mimicked the passage of time. The trapped images, separated from the viewer’s reality, could only be seen if he found within himself the meanings that were visually obliterated.

“Ecotone”, 2019, is about resilience and the traces caused by life experiences. Before making the final collages, the photo-prints were used as raw material in our performance installation with the dancers Yuko Kaseki and Sherwood Chen. The imprints that resulted from our movements on stage, created a new, mysterious layer of volume and traces superimposed upon the photographs.

This is what I call double-exposure, when the printed photograph is incorporated into a course of actions, leaving an imprint on top of the image.

In “Correspondence”, the double-exposure becomes an intimate experience, shared between the owners of the artwork. I want to reflect the emotional bond existing between two or more people through very personal artistic experiences. In this spirit, I invite each participant to take one of my photographs in his hands, leaving his imprint through touching, folding, manipulating the photograph, while thinking about something meaningful to him or to his counterpart. Then I create my art-pieces with the imprinted images. Each person becomes the owner of a unique artwork with traces of their beloved one on it. The pieces become relational forms of Art.

Photo Credit: Alexandre Dupeyron


Selection of Solo Exhibitions
2018 – Fisheye gallery, Paris
2018 – Green Hall gallery, Berlin
2015 – Etemad gallery, Tehran
2013 – Yavuz Fine Art gallery, Singapore
2013 – Wonderwall gallery, Delhi

Selection of Group Exhibitions
2018 – Folia gallery, Paris
2016 – Nuit de la Photo, La Chaux-de-fonds
2015 – Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles
2014 – Berlin-Baku gallery, Berlin
2014 – Apeejay Arts complex, Delhi
2014 – Salwa Zeidan gallery, Abu Dhabi
2014 – Quad/Format, Derby UK
2013 – The Stainless gallery, Delhi
2011 – Yavuz Fine Art gallery, Singapore, curated by Iola Lenzi

2018 – “Cassures Sublimées”, performance installation with Yuko Kaseki and Sherwood Chen, AckerStadt Palast Berlin
2018 – “Cold Lace” performance with Yuko Kaseki, Berlin
2017 – 9 hours live performance with Yuko Kaseki, Lisa Stertz, Sajan Mani, Dock11, Berlin

Lespien Art Foundation, Dusseldorf
Behnam Bakhtiar Foundation, Monaco
Pejman Foundation, Tehran

 Selection of Art-fairs

2019 – Paris Photo, Fisheye gallery, Paris
2019 – Unseen, Fisheye gallery, Amsterdam
2019 – MIA, Fisheye gallery, Milan
2017 – Photo Doc, guest artist, Paris
2015 – Delhi Art Fair, Wonderwall gallery, Delhi
2013 – Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Salwa Zeidan gallery, Abu Dhabi


  • Morvarid K — Correspondence I
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  • Morvarid K — Correspondence II
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