What you need to know about Muse Square’s service fee?

- 03/17/2022

Learn how Muse Square fees for gallery hosts and fellows impact your hosting business.



o Most Hosts pay a flat service fee of 7,5% of the fellowship subtotal

o Gallery fellows also pay a service fee of 7,5% of the fellowship subtotal

o These fees help Muse Square service you and develop new services


Muse Square fellowships are friendly ways to do business with gallery peers around the world. They can be set as a collaborative project, as an exchange of services, or as an accommodation.

You can use Muse Square fellowship in many ways and rely on a unique straight-forward service fee to set the pricing strategy that makes sense for your gallery.


How much does Muse Square charge?

Most Gallery hosts pay a flat service fee of 7,5% of the booking subtotal. The subtotal is your daily rate plus your add-on services and cleaning fee*, and doesn’t include Muse Square’s fee on gallery fellows, who pay a service fee of 7,5% of the booking subtotal.

So if you’re charging 1 000€ EUR for a 7-day group show, plus 400€ EUR of Add-on services, plus 150€ EUR of cleaning fee, your booking subtotal is 1 550€ EUR. Approximately 7,5% (116,25€ EUR) of that amount is deducted from your earnings as part of the Host service fee, and 7,5% (116,25€ EUR) is charged to the gallery fellow and included in the total amount they pay. In this example:

o You’d earn 1 433,75€ EUR

o Your gallery fellow would pay $116,25€ EUR

We don’t charge for payment processing, allowing the gallery host to keep a higher portion of their earnings.


Why does Muse Square charge service fees?

Muse Square relies on service fees to work with the great team that is behind it and that is fully committed to helping you do more business anywhere art buyers may be.

Service fees also cover our customer care services.


Are gallery fellows aware of these fees?

Yes. Services fees are detailed in our Terms and conditions, during check-out and in gallery fellows’ invoices.

Local taxes, if applicable, are calculated during checkout.


Where can I see how much my guests will pay?

Once a fellowship is confirmed, your confirmation email will include breakdown of all applicable fees so you can clearly see:

o Fees and taxes collected by Muse Square

o Any Add-on you charge

o The total price the gallery fellow will pay

o The payout you’ll receive

This means you’ll never have to search for your final price when answering questions from the gallery fellow. When you know what your guests are paying, it becomes easier to manage your pricing strategy, refunds, cancellations, and reservation adjustments.