Sign-up criteria

Muse Square - 03/17/2022

Sign-up criteria


Over the course of the next six months, Muse Square is launching the first integrated marketplace that brings together gallery hosts and gallery fellows seeking partnership opportunities.

At this stage, we will exclusively be onboarding at art galleries that are affiliated to an established professional association. Our services will therefore be restricted to galleries that meet that very criteria.

Our goal is to build an active community of users with a proven track record of compliance with best industry standards. We believe that it is in the interest of both gallery hosts and gallery fellows, as shared industry standards are the foundation for successful joint ventures.

All of gallery members are established companies with a physical exhibition space and a proven track record.


Sign-up process


Signing up to Muse Square fellowship is easy:


Step 1. Complete quick sign-up

o You: Complete quick sign-up & Propose a date to schedule a call

o Muse Square: Confirms that you belong to a professional association of galleries


Step 2.  Document your gallery

o Muse Square:

o Contacts you based on your proposed dates

o Ask you questions about your art gallery’s project and needs

o Gives you simple guidance on how to photograph your gallery walls

o You: Share your gallery information related to your fellowship page


Step 3. Create your fellowship profile

o Muse Square: Creates your gallery and fellowship pages

o You: Validate your pages and take over from there

Should you have any question about Muse Square, the fellowship or the sign-up, feel free to contact us via email at: