How to create your fellowship offers?

Muse Square team - 03/17/2022

You want to create or to update your gallery’s fellowship offer? It’s easy!

Go to “My account” and, on the left-hand side menu list, select “My gallery”.

It will open a page with your gallery information:

o Select “Gallery profile” to document all things related to your gallery

o Select “Fellowship offers” to create or update your wall listings and projects


Everything is very much self-explanatory. When it is not, we included contextual tool tips in the website. They provide further explanations.


When you’re editing your “Gallery profile” and “Fellowship offers”, you won’t be able to view the front-end of the pages that you’re working on. To help you understand better the ins and outs of what you’re doing, you can refer to the previews below:

On the upper part of your page, you edit:

o Your gallery name

o Date founded

o Gallery specialty

o Present beauty shots of your gallery, featuring main point of interest



On the right-hand side below the dates of your fellowship offers, you document:

o Collaborative preferences: what subject matters or art specialty are you interested to be working on

o Affiliation: the name of the gallery association you belong to

o Gallery physical address

o Nearby points of interest: the gallery neighborhood, city landmarks, or any point of interest that drives traffic or adds value to your gallery location

o Floor / Access: how do we access your gallery, is it in a basement, at the ground level?

o Size of exhibition space

o Number of exhibition walls



All that information is inputted from “My account” section. On the upper right-hand side, click on your name. Than on the right-hand side menu, click on “Gallery profile”:


General information about your gallery includes:



Specifics of your activity:



You will also be prompted to propose what “On demand services” you wish to propose to your gallery peers and at what price.

If you need help on how to price your services, you can refer to our article:

While you price of each of your service individually, fellow galleries will pay the sum of it + transportation costs. For that reason, it’s good practice to (1) compare with other available art destinations and (2) do the math yourself. While computing the costs of exhibiting in your gallery, you will be able to assess whether your prices are fair, low, or high.

Then you can knowledgeably adjust your prices according to your goals.



The same logic applies to your “fellowship offers”.

With your walls, you can create 5 fellowship offers: call for projects, group show, swap, free booking, special offer.



In the example above, we chose to highlight the “group show” offer.

You can streamline the terms of participation to the event of a group of galleries:

o The number of walls available per participant

o The linear meters available per participant

o The time frame

o The price (not on the screen)

o The audience (not on the screen)

Each fellowship offer has its specific configurable options and price.

Since the way of displaying the information is almost the same for all offers, we did not feel the need to further document it.

For any further questions on how to edit your “Gallery fellowship” page, feel free to contact us at We’re happy to help 🙂