How does the gallery sign-up interview works?

Muse Square - 03/17/2022

To help you get ready for your gallery sign-up interview, we will explain to you how it works and how you can get ready for it.


The goal of the interview is to get to know you better and to gather accurate information about yourself and your gallery. During the process, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that you want about Muse Square and the fellowship.


We will ask two sets of questions:

o Questions about your gallery’s activity

o Questions about your gallery space


All questions are straightforward to answer. We recommend reading the questions prior to the interview. You may need to gather the information that you don’t have handy

o Questions about your gallery’s activity include:

o Art specialty

o Date founded

o Names of art fairs attended on a yearly basis

o Collaborative preferences: work with peers, with art agents, with brands

o Primary business interest: lease your space, lease others’ space, work on projects

o Preferred art exhibition location

o Preferred time of the year


o Questions about your gallery space include:

o Access to your gallery: ground access, first floor, etc.

o Size of exhibition space in m2

o Size of your storage space in m2

o Number of storage racks

o Floor plan of your gallery

o Number and size of your exhibition walls in linear meters

o Hero photos of your gallery

o ID photos of your gallery walls


Download the questionnaire to get ready for the sign-up interview.



During the interview, you will be asked to take some photos of your gallery space. If you need some guidance, please read our how-to blog post titled “How to prepare your gallery for a photo shoot


If you need some guidance, you can also ping us at