How does Muse Square fellowship work for the gallery host?

- 03/31/2022

Watch the video for an introduction to becoming a gallery host or read on for an overview of what was discussed.

Become Host


Fellowships are friendly ways to exchange exhibition projects and services with gallery peers.

They are created by and for art galleries, to exhibit in new locations at a reasonable cost.

Signing up to Muse Square fellowship gives you two sets of benefits, as a gallery host and as a gallery fellow.

Benefits for the gallery host:

o Propose exhibition project & services to your peers

o Choose between the walls you use & the ones you lease

o Team up on art shows & share marketing spending


Fellowships can be project and service-oriented. They can be used to break even on your exhibition costs, or to make a profit. You have full control!


Learn how fellowships can benefit you as a gallery hosts.



How to host gallery peers


You want to host gallery peers for a joint-exhibition or to secure revenues for an upcoming art show?

Below, we will walk you through the 3-step process that will allow you to create your gallery fellowship offers:

o Step 1. Document your gallery

o Step 2. Decide what to do with your walls

o Step 3. Share your offer public or privately


Here is the detailed workflow:


Step 1. Document your gallery



Upload photos of your gallery space and of your exhibition walls following simple guidelines.

Decide what flat fee you would charge an unknown gallery peer to lease your walls for an exhibition.

That price will be the basis for any discount you may want to propose in the future. You can change the inputted number at any time.


Step 2. Decide what to do with your walls.


You can create 5 fellowship offers:

o Create calls for projects



You’re interested in specific themes and techniques and you would like to invite a fellow galleries to take the initiative and make an exhibition proposal to you. Set up a a call for exhibition projects as follows:

o Define the criteria of your Call for project :

o Specify your audience: such as country of location, specialty, number of art fairs per year

o Specify exhibition criteria: such as the art show theme, specialty or concept

o Specify the date: there can be multiple ones per year

o Define financial terms: how much do you want to charge for hosting the gallery fellow is at your discretion


o Create group show



Host art show in coordination with local gallery peers:

o Present group show:

o Specify the name of the group show

o Detail the project of the group show

o Specify number of walls made available to gallery applicants

o Specify the date of the event

o Define price charged to gallery applicants for hosting the event

o Propose to share marketing spending


Each gallery that will receive the email invitation to host the event. It will include an invitation to “Accept” or “Decline” to host the group show as it is set up.


If you click on “Accept”, your gallery walls will be listed accordingly in your Gallery page. A new “Group Show” tab will appear, with the terms of the project proposals that you accepted.


o Swap walls



Exchange walls with your peers:

o Select the walls that you wish to swap

o Specify the date: there can be multiple ones per year

o Define financial terms


You can swap walls regardless of the distance separating both galleries.


o Create special offer



Lease walls at a discount price, in low season for example:

o Specify the date: there can be multiple ones per year

o Define the discount


o Create free booking offer

Lease walls with no specific prerequisite:

o Specify the date: there can be multiple ones per year


You can use your walls for multiple fellowships at the time. If your exhibition walls are used in one fellowship offer, its status turns automatically to “unavailable” in other fellowship offers for the same date. 


Step 3. Share your fellowship offer



You can decide how you want to share your offer according to 2 options:

o Share privately via email: Input manually the email of your contact

o Share publicly via the platform: Define you target audience


Do more with your exhibition walls, sign up to Muse Square fellowship!