How does Muse Square fellowship work for the gallery fellow?

- 03/31/2022

Watch the video for an introduction to becoming a gallery fellow or read on for an overview of what was discussed.


Become Fellow


Fellowships are friendly ways to exchange exhibition projects and services with gallery peers.

They are created by and for art galleries, to exhibit in new locations at a reasonable cost.

Signing up to Muse Square fellowship gives you two sets of benefits, as a gallery host and as a gallery fellow.


Benefits for the gallery fellow:

o Easily exhibit in prime destinations at a reasonable price

o Outsource physical client relationship

o Share marketing spending


Learn how fellowships can benefit you as a gallery fellow.



How to select fellowship as gallery fellow


You want to exhibit in new art destinations. You are interested in pop-up shows in neighboring cities or in longer arrangements abroad.

Finding fellowship opportunities is easy:


Step1. Start by selecting your preferred art destinations



Step 2. Browse gallery hosts based on their fellowship offers



On the left-hand side, filter fellowship offers by date and type (free booking, special offer, call for projects and group show).


Listed galleries are displayed on the right-hand side. They are vetted during the sign-up process and are established companies with a proven track record.


Once you click on a gallery card, you access the corresponding Fellowship offer page.



On the left-hand side of the Fellowship offer page, you can access:

o Photo presentation of the gallery

o Fellowship offers, each of them presented in a separate tab

o Walls available for each fellowship offer, with specific fields of information



Each wall / group of walls is presented via key information, including its “Size”, “Visuals”, position in “Gallery Plan”, “Project” it can be used for (when applicable), “Dates”, “Discount” (when applicable) and “Cost” of use.



Visuals: by clicking on the link, you can view selected photos of the exhibition  walls — W1 & W2 in the example.



Gallery Plan: By clicking on the link, you can also see the position of the walls in the gallery. Based on that information, you will be able to anticipate visitors’ path and identify premium exhibition walls.


In the example, walls W1 and W2 are next to the gallery’s entry door.



Project: By clicking on Project, you can see under what condition you can book walls. In the example, San Sebastian (Spain) art galleries are presenting their project called the San Sebastian Art Encounters to their Parisian gallery peers. You can book that wall if you wish to apply to the event.


Other information provided includes: the length of the wall(s) (in linear meters), the dates of availability, cost and applicable discount.

On the right-hand side, you can can access the gallery host’ contact information.

City location, neighborhood, specialty, experience, art fairs attended are summarized to ease your decision-making.


Step 3. Complete booking and check out

As an applicant, you can read the art show description, download its detailed presentation, and apply by selecting your preferred exhibition walls, among available options.



Once your choice of walls is made, select on-demand services and check out in a few clicks via a secured payment portal. Transactions below 2 000€ can be processed at your discretion via a PayPal installment service.


You will have the opportunity to write a personal message to your host upon completing your transaction.


Once your fellowship is validated, you will  receive your invoice via email with the contact information of your gallery host to further plan your collaboration.


Do more with your exhibition walls, sign up for free to Muse Square fellowship!