Art City Swap


The first gallery swap between Paris and Madrid, a signature event bringing closer the two cities mesmerising art scenes.

Enjoy a hard-earned getaway to one of the most beautiful European capitals. Exhibit in a new art destination in an inspirational and unprecedented way. Meet with like-minded gallerists and art lovers. Then, go back home with a fulfilling exhibition experience and unforgettable memories!



Take part of the first gallery swap between Paris and Madrid
Expand your artist’s visibility to new art destinations
Exhibit at reasonable costs and without interrupting your exhibition schedule
Present your gallery to foreign art collectors within their neighbourhood
Mix work and fun by enjoying a week’s getaway in one of the most beautiful European capitals
Exhibit in a new art destination in an unprecedented way
Stage 1
Arrival Day
Your journey begins on an exciting Sunday, when you arrive to your getaway art destination. Check-in your new gallery hands free, as Muse Square takes care of the shipment of your artworks. Whether you are a Parisian gallerist in Madrid or a Madrilenian gallerist in Paris, enjoy the inspiring art scene of the city you landed in.
Stage 2
the Exhibition
Take a stroll to explore the city’s beautiful architecture and rich culture, famous avenues and charming streets. After a joyful tour of the city, head back to your gallery space to start mounting your artworks and preparing your new gallery space for a fantastic week ahead.
Stage 3
Welcome Lunch
Wake up on a beautiful Monday morning. It is a new day, a new city with lots of promising opportunities. Put the final touches on your gallery preparation for the evening gallery opening. Head to the welcome lunch organized by Muse Square. Mingle with gallerists and art professional from your hometown and share your experiences while you indulge in a lavish lunch.
Stage 4
Exhibition Opening
On Monday evening, welcome VIP guests to your gallery’s opening. Meet and greet new art collectors. Walk your invitees through the history and affinity of your gallery and present the exhibited artworks.
Stage 5
Exhibition Week
From Tuesday to Saturday, enjoy an exhibition week full of opportunities and memorable moments. Muse Square will take care of engaging your gallery visitors with various activities such as art collectors guided tour, art critics presentations and art influencers event coverage.
Stage 6
Closing Event
It is Saturday night and it is time for a glamourous closing event! Celebrate your successful run with your peers, and build a strong bond with VIP art collectors that will last beyond your Art City Swap.
Stage 7
Back to Your City
The dawn of a new day and the end of a wonderful week. But where to begin? Possibly with coffee and traditional pastries to end your exhibition week on a delicious note. Before heading back home, let yourself be charmed by one last city tour. Take your time, as there’s always room for one final cocktail before leaving.

Last but not least, something special is looming on the horizon,
perhaps a new Art City Swap adventure…
Bon voyage!


To the Art City Swap Paris – Madrid


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